Jordan 4 Red Cement Crazy Head to Head Sneaker Cleaning

Jordan 4 Red Cement Crazy Head to Head Sneaker Cleaning


For this week's shoe cleaning video we are completely switching up. We did a head to head competition between the one and only Nick Wilson and pretty boy rob to see who is the best shoe cleaner. Vick traded a bunch of his kicks to common hype for some upcoming cleaning videos and pickjed up a pair of Red cement Jordan 4’s. He put each shoe in a bucket of mud for 24 hours so this cleaning will not be easy. They both have 10 minutes to clean the shoe as well as they can and then they will both get one cycle in the washing mashine using the Reshoevn8r patented sneaker laundry system. Both Nick and Rob have been cleaning shoes for there entire life ,but who is gpoing to walk away with the win?

Off to the Races

After announcing the rules to the contestants our commentator Vick puts the shoes down and the sneaker cleaning battle begins. Robert immeadielteyt runs outside and starts banging his shoe on the ground to get off the top layer of mud and then puts the shoe underneath the spicket absolutely drenchings these 4’s in water to flush out the shoe. While this was happening Nick had a much simpler way of cleaning his shoe by submerging it into a bucket of water to get rid of the top layer of dirt.

Sneaker Wrestling?

Nick gets off to a way better start then Rob after cleaning the top layer of dirt off because rob forget he had to fill up his water bowl and grab his brushes which put him far behind nick. To m ake up for the lost time Rob throws Nick’s brushes across the room and pours water all over his cleaning mat making it almost impossible to continue cleaning at his station. Nick fights back by trying to wrestle the shoe out of robs hand ,but toes not succeed. Using just the soft bristle brush both contestants shoes are cleaning up really well. After using the soft brush they moved to one of our new products we are coming out with very soon, so check out the video at the link below to check it out.

Final Punches

With just a few minutes left Nick strikes again by throwing all of Rob’s cleaning materials on the ground while he was away from his station. Once Rob noticed all of his stuff was on the ground he did the same thing to Nick with only 2 minutes left on the clock. Rob finished his part of the cleaning with 90 seconds left on the clock to prove that he is the best sneaker cleaner. Nick kept cleaning all the way till the buzzer and now its time for both of these shoes to go into the wash.


Both of these shoes cleaned up perfectly after being in the washing mashine so, it is going to come down to the littlest of details ,but luckily for us Vick is king at noticing things other’s dont even pay attention to. Vick inspects each of these shoes thoroughly and after contemplating his decision the winner is……. Actually you are going to have to check out the video below to find out who won this crazy Jordan 4 sneaker cleaning battle.

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