Q2 at Reshoevn8r: Looking Back at the Year so Far

Q2 at Reshoevn8r: Looking Back at the Year so Far

Looking back on the last three months and reflecting on what that looked like isn’t easy. For most of us, it meant hardship, fear, and uncertainty. Like many other businesses, we were not immune to the effects of the situation that was taking place. Although we were grateful to still have all of our team members on staff, everyone was set to work remotely, causing difficulty within the business. We had to make adjustments and still find ways to work together to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and the company. Initially, this proved to be a challenge, as a lot of our work involves being hands-on and in-person. We struggled with creating content and shooting video, these were crucial as the rebrand had just launched and we had set our focus heavily on increasing our awareness. 

Overwhelmed with tenacity to hit our goals and finding a solution, our team showed great resilience among the new adaptations and we managed to get results. Subsequently, the rebrand had shown to be successful with the team’s hard work and efforts. We had achieved our goal, our customers and retailers had quickly taken to the rebrand. 

In efforts to continue progressing, we here at Reshoevn8r acknowledge the tragedies that took place during this pandemic. The taking of George Floyd’s life is a representation of the injustice and inequality that people face as part of their lives. This is inhumane, and cannot be tolerated any longer. We have done our best to contribute to the efforts of reform and change. On June 12th we donated 25% of the day’s product sales to Campaign Zero totaling $8,788 dollars. This amazing organization has made it their entire focus to end police violence for the past five years with advocacy and their powerful agenda. We know and understand that this isn’t where we stop, this is just the beginning, we will continue to contribute in more ways than one to organizations that seek justice and equality for everyone.

The future, although uncertain, can still be seen with optimism. We will face ongoing struggles that will continue to challenge us in new ways, but we are ready. We plan to open our retail location in Q3 as this will prove to be one of the biggest moves in our company history. We can only prepare for what lies ahead with focus, determination, and mindfulness. Thank you to everyone single one of you for allowing us to serve you in the ways that we do. Our goal is to make someone’s life a bit better with the products and services we provide. Here is to a better rest of the year.

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