Nike Dunk Low Phoenix Suns Customs

Nike Dunk Low Phoenix Suns Customs

Behind the Design

In this Restoration Vick is making a custom pair of Nike Dunk lows based on the Phoenix Suns city edition Jerseys. These Jerseys were made to look like lowriders to represent the deep rooted Mexican culture embedded within Phoenix. The design on these Jerey’s is definitely one of the best in NBA history which is why Vick is thrilled to make a pair of dunks that represent his hometown. There were really no dunk colorways that represented these jerseys well so, he made his own custom through the Nike website ,but you already know he has to add his own flare to these sneakers. Let’s see what Vick has up his sleeve for this restoration.

The Paint Job

Vick starts off the restoration by cutting out the tongue from the inside of the shoe, because he has a plan for what he is going to do with it to spice it up. He then preps the shoe to add paint to the uppers by going over the parts of the shoe he is going to paint with acetone and cotton balls so the paint adheres to the materials better. He then uses an airbrush to spray his paint onto the nike swooshes on the side making an orange and yellow gradient checkmark to resemble the numbers on the Suns jerseys. He then uses a small paint brush to paint the Nike back tabs turquoise around the logo. To make the shoe pop even more than it already is, Vick uses a small brush to paint all of the white detailing orange and yellow gradient to give it that true phoenix sun's feel.

Detail Work

With Vick almighty all of the little details matter and he executed this custom perfectly. He had custom made tongue tags that say el Valle just like the city jerseys with a gradient along the tag to resemble the rest of the shoe. In the next step Vick cuts up one of the city jerseys cutting out the lowrider themed stripes along the sides of the jersey along with the el valle lettering across the chest of the jersey. He then turns the el valle lettering into insoles for the shoe. He then stitched all of it together and these insoles look absolutely amazing. Vick then sent the low rider design from the jersey to his buddy Jordan and he made custom tongue tags out of the actual jersey. Next Vick glued and stitched the tongue back into the shoe with the new design, and this custom is definitely one of his best yet.


Finishing Touches

To keep adding to this already complex and intricate design Vick decides to add a suns logo on the toe box just like the Huf logo on the iconic Huf x Nike dunk collaboration. He also adds the basketball logo from the bottom of the jersey on the back tab. After printing out stencils for both of these designs Vick picks up the airbrush once again to paint them yellow. He then repeats this process adding stencils of low rider like designs on the sides of each shoe ,but instead of just painting it yellow he adds the orange to once again go back to the gradient look.

Video Link

To add the finishing touches to the shoe Vick adds Suns logos to the laces as well as adding gold tips to the ends. This shoe looks absolutely phenomenal and is hands down one of his best restorations ever. To see this intricate process and watch one of the best in the game go to work, check out the link below.

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