Nike Travis Scott x Mac Attack Olive Green Custom

Nike Travis Scott x Mac Attack Olive Green Custom


With the Travis Scott x Mac Attack collab coming out about a month or so ago, Vick saw this release and thought he could make it better, so he stopped by our local Undefeated store, picked up some all white Mac Attacks to then turn this shoe into what everyone wishes this collab would have looked like.



Vick starts off this restoration by using an exacto knife and a seam ripper to take the all black swooshes off of the Mac Attacks. Next he uses acetone and cotton balls  to remove all of the old glue from where the swooshes were because if it is left behind this can prevent the new swoosh that is going to be put on later from sticking correctly to the upper materials. Vick then tapes up the entirety of the shoe besides the parts that he wants to paint black, to make sure when he is painting the shoe that none of it gets onto materials that he wants to keep white as an extra precaution. The next step in executing this restoration is painting the swoosh olive green. Now first you have to pain the black swoosh white or the olive tone is not going to come out the way you want it to. Then Vick uses an airbrush to paint the swooshes on these new and improved Cactus Mac’s olive green. You can’t forget one of the most important parts of recreating the Travis Scott Olive colorway which is the red Nike text on the heel of the shoe, and all that was used for this was a small paint brush and red paint.

Next Vick wanted to add his own custom Heel logo to these shoes. In order to do this he created a stencil in photoshop and printed it out and taped it to the back of the shoe. He then put on black paint over the stencil giving him the exact design he wanted for this one of a kind custom. Then our one and only Nick Wilson helped out Vick by laser printing some new swooshes on a material that Vick picked out and now Vick just has to paint these swooshes the same olive green he put on the other parts of the shoe by repeating the painting process he used for the other swooshes. To give the attachment swooshes a more authentic Travis Scott look Vick put stitching outlining the nike check because even the littlest details go along way with customs or restorations. He then glued the swooshes onto the side of the shoe completing the uppers of these customs.


Lastly to finish giving these shoes an authentic Olive colorway look, the midsoles need to have the color changed. The original Mac Attack Nike sneakers have an all white midsole, but the Travis Scott’s that Vick is replicating have an aged brownish/yellow midsole. To recreate this look Vick uses Foxtrot Uniform Sneaker stainer to draw onto the midsoles of the shoes and then make sure the color is evenly distributed by using an alcohol wipe along the entire midsole to give the shoe the same look no matter what direction you are looking at them from. Then to finish this custom Vick put a few stitches through the Nike check just like what was on the original. Don't forget to check out the video of this custom at the link below!

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