The Yeezy Red October looks stunning again after a full service sneaker clean and restoration.

Yeezy Red October | Deep Clean and Restoration

These Red Octobers Have Been Through It: Can Vick Bring Them Back to Life?

One of the most sought after pairs of all time has made its way to the desk of Vick Almighty.  This pair of Yeezy Red Octobers is pretty beat up. Is Vick up for the challenge?

Let's see how the best sneaker cleaner in the world handles this highly sought after pair of kicks.  These Red Octobers have definitely seen better days. 

Not Your Average Red Bottoms

As always, let’s start with the outsole.

Vick starts by giving the outsole a good scrub with our Reshoevn8r cleaning solution and the Brass Bristle Brush, the best sneaker cleaning brush for soles. Then Vick used a pick to get into the deeper grooves in search of any remaining dirt or debris. 

With the sole scrubbed up and ready to go, it’s time to bring back the vibrant red glow with some of our Sole Revive

First, Vick taped off the suede around the toe box to protect it from any accidental drips. After using a brush to coat the entire outsole in a thin layer of Sole Revive, these bad boys are ready to ‘cook’ in the Vick-2000. 

After 2 days under the UV rays of the Vick-2000, the soles have their glow back. Success.

But we’re not even close to done.

Prepwork makes the Dream Work

Next up, Vick did some prepwork on the midsole to get it ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol made light work of the old, cracking paint on the midsole, leaving a clean surface for Vick to work with later on.

We’ll leave the midsole for now, and start on the uppers.

Signature Kit to the Rescue

To clean the uppers Vick utilized the Reshoevn8r Signature Cleaning Kit. It includes everything you need for a quick Reshoevn8 or a full-on deep clean like the one Vick is giving the Red Octobers. 

Signature Cleaning Kit

The Reshoevn8r Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is our flagship Patented set.


For the initial clean Vick used the Reshoevn8r cleaning solution and the soft bristle brush across the entire upper. Then, Vick switched to the medium brush to take care of the harder spine area and to remove any excess Sole Revive from the midsole.

Check out the difference already…We’re off to a great start.

No Stone Left Unturned

You didn’t think Vick was done yet did you?

On to some of the fine detail work. Vick used some scissors and a lighter to get rid of any loose strings and fibers, and a lint shaver to clean up the lint in the sockliner.

A few alcohol wipes made quick work of any remaining scuffs on the spine and the midfoot strap. 

Caution: Wet Paint

We’ve come full circle, it’s time to get back to the midsole!

It’s time for a fresh coat of paint. Vick used a mix of four colors (Orange, Chili Red, Hot Pink, and Neon Pink) to match the factory Red October paint.

Vick got the hue of the red perfect here. After applying a few coats with an angular brush, the midsole is looking as good as new.

Don’t Forget Me

Leaving the kicks behind for a minute, let’s focus on the Yeezy Red October Dust Bag. This thing was full of stains and loose ends, but that can’t scare Vick Almighty!

Vick made quick work of the loose strings with a pair of scissors, and used our Reshoevn8r cleaning solution with the soft bristle brush to give the bag a proper deep clean. 

(Red) Suede Shoes

The suede detailing on this pair of Yeezy Red Octobers was in desperate need of attention. Vick used the Brass Bristle Brush to reset the nap of the suede, but there was still something missing.

Vick grabbed some Mink Oil, and our new Horse Hair Brush (coming soon) to restore the suede’s rich red hue. After brushing in the light coat of Mink Oil, the suede is looking lush once again. 

The Mink Oil always does wonders for suede. It's a great suede cleaner for sneakers like this pair of Yeezys, Jordan 1s, or even a pair of dress shoes. 

A Quick Recap

Let’s recap all that this sick restoration encompassed.

  • Complete sole restoration with our Sole Revive. 
  • Midsole paint strip and repaint. 
  • Inside-and-out deep clean with Reshoevn8r cleaning solution.
  • Removed lint, strings, and loose ends.  
  • Deep clean of the dust bag.
  • Brought the suede back to life with the Brass Bristle Brush and Mink Oil.

A sneaker this nice deserves to look this fresh. Vick definitely did these kicks justice. 

Head on over to Youtube to watch this masterpiece come to light. Let us know in the comments how many stars you would rate this restoration! 

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