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From Bad to Brand New | G-Unit Custom

Can Vick Fix these Horrible Custom Reeboks?

Let's all imagine Vick Almighty in 6th grade… Can you see it? Just picture when Vick was in the 6th grade; he badly wanted to own a pair of the Reebok G-Unit G6 3s. Sadly, little Vick wasn’t able to snag a pair. Fast forward to now, and Vick was able to find a DS pair online but with a tiny catch; they were part of a custom gone wrong. REALLY WRONG…

These once clean G-Unit sneakers were given a pretty poor custom paint job. But Vick Almighty came riding in with his superhero cape and is determined to get these back to looking OG. If all goes well, these should finally fulfill Vick’s dream of owning the Reebok G-Unit G6 3.

Out with the Bad

Did you watch the video yet….? As you can tell, whoever painted these didn’t do the best job. The good news is that a little bit of elbow grease and acetone Vick should make quick work of the paint. Vick used some cotton balls soaked in acetone to rub away at the paint, which came off rather easily. 

The only thing Vick couldn’t remove was some of the paint on the stitching around the shoe, so we’ll end up giving these a fresh coat of white paint to mend that problem. 

In with the Good

Vick quickly taped off the shoes and used an airbrush filled with white paint to make them look pretty again. In addition to painting over the toe area and side panel, Vick used the same paint to cover the ‘flag’ detail on the heel. 

With the shoe now rid of any remnants of the previous bad custom, Vick used a detail brush and some red paint to make the ‘flag’ detail look how it did when it came out of the factory. 

The last thing Vick needs to restore on this custom is the sole. As you can see, the sole on the Reebok G-Unit G6 3 is partially clear, and due to age, the icy sole has become yellow. To remedy this, Vick coated the icy portions of the sole in RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive and stuck the shoe in the Vick 2000 overnight. 

They came out super icy! Sole Revive has proven time and time again its ability to unyellow soles and make them icy again. 

The final detail for this custom G-Unit sneaker is the laces. Vick’s not a fan of the OG laces, so he threw in some classic laces from Foxtrot Uniform, and we’re good to go. 

Vick turned this bad custom into a brand new pair of sneakers. And with it, his childhood dream of owning a pair of the Reebok G-Unit G6 3 has now been realized. 

Thanks for stopping by. Click on over to our Youtube channel for more awesome custom content with Vick Almighty. 

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