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Most Inexpensive Way to Protect Sneakers From Creasing

Another Crease Bites the Dust

The best way to prevent your shoes from creasing has arrived.

Nothing hurts a sneakerhead’s heart more than breaking out a new pair of kicks, only to have the toe box lose its shape and start to crease after only a few steps. 

Despite your best efforts, waddling like a duck just isn’t a viable option when it comes to protecting your sneakers from creasing. 

You need a solution that allows you to rock your shoes while still maintaining the structural integrity of the toe box. You deserve to be able to walk normally without the fear of creasing your kicks. 

It’s for these reasons that you need Reshoevn8r Crease Protectors.

How-To: Crease Protectors

RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors are the strongest and most comfortable Crease Protectors on the market. Made from flexible plastic, the Crease Protectors feature cutouts to enhance breathability and comfort.

Sliding your Crease Protectors into place is extremely easy. Simply remove the shoelaces and insole (when possible) then push the Crease Protector into the toe. The underside of the  Crease Protectors are marked with a left and right to ensure that they are placed in the correct shoe. 

Easily switch your Crease Protectors from shoe to shoe or buy enough to protect your whole collection. For those shoes that you’re planning on holding for the long-haul, Crease Protectors provide extra support to prevent your shoes from being smashed in storage. 

Crease Protectors


For the best and most comfortable fit, we suggest buying your sneakers a half size larger when using Crease Protectors. They will take up space in the toe area, and so sizing up your sneakers will provide maximum comfort. 

Protect your Investment

Rocking your kicks should be a joyful experience, not one that fills you with anxiety about keeping them in good condition. 

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sneakers are fully protected against creasing by wearing Crease Protectors. 

Stop creasing and start rocking your kicks: Buy Now!

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