RESHOEVN8R Gives Back: Mother’s Day

RESHOEVN8R Gives Back: Mother’s Day

Mothers Need Your Help

While Mother’s Day is very special for some, there are countless mothers both locally and worldwide that don’t have the basic necessities of life. 

Some mothers can barely afford to take care of their children, let alone themselves and their own basic needs. 

This year, RESHOEVN8R wants to show mothers in need that they are important, loved, and seen. That’s why we’re teaming up with two great organizations to give back to those mothers that need it most. 

After all, is there anything your mom wouldn’t do for you? 

For every purchase made today (Mother’s Day), RESHOEVN8R will set aside five percent of the sales to provide local Phoenix mothers and mothers in Colombia with the basic necessities that they desperately need. 

Helping Local Mothers Through Chrysalis

RESHOEVN8R will be working with Chrysalis to identify and help mother’s and their children in the Phoenix area. Chrysalis is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families who’ve been affected by domestic abuse. 

Chrysalis has identified 18 adults and 14 children that are in desperate need of basic necessities, such as towels, toilet paper, haircare and other sanitary products. RESHOEVN8R has been provided with a list of these essential items and will use the donations from your purchases to ensure that the mother’s and their children are taken care of. 

Additionally, RESHOEVN8R will provide each individual with a gently used pair of shoes. These shoes will be pulled from donations made to RESHOEVN8R through the Camp Sole Phoenix initiative, where we received donations of over 300 pairs of shoes from local youth. 

Helping Mothers in Colombia Through the Juanfe Fundacion

In efforts to help mothers in Colombia, RESHOEVN8R will work with the Juanfe Fundacion to help 850 mothers in Cartagena. A portion of the proceeds from all Mother’s Day sales will be used to provide these mothers with the same care as the local mothers in Phoenix. 

RESHOEVN8R hopes that through these efforts the mothers in Cartagena can be exposed to new educational and employment opportunities that they otherwise would not have. 

It Takes All of Us

We invite you to join us in helping these mothers receive the basic things that we often take for granted. Every dollar counts for those who have so little, but deserve so much. 

RESHOEVN8R continues to search for opportunities to give back to local and global communities, and hopes to expand their RESHOEVN8R Gives Back program by organizing more social good events like this one. 

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