Reshoevn8r Online Cleaning Services

Reshoevn8r Online Cleaning Services

Reshoevn8r Online Cleaning Services

Sneaker cleaning can be complex, and hard to figure out. You want your shoes to be cleaned but are worried about ruining them by doing something wrong. Unless you watch all of our Youtube or instagram videos then you know exactly what to do, but for everyone else sneaker cleaning can be terrifying. Not to mention paying for one of our sneaker cleaning kits and then accidentally ruining your favorite pair of shoes is not a good feeling which is why we created our online sneaker cleaning service. This allows you to send your shoes from anywhere in the U.S to our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Your shoes will then be cleaned by shoe care professionals that have brought thousands of pairs of shoes back to life. Here is a list of all the services we provide and what you get from them!

Essential Reshoevn8r Mail In Service

The Essential Reshoevn8 brings a deep level of cleaning to your sneakers. This service, performed by our industry experts, includes Upper & Midsole, Undersole, and Lace cleaning to your sneakers. If you have SUEDE shoes, please select SUEDE below which will also include our suede service. This will include Dry Suede Kit to perform a suede restore on your sneakers. This is our most affordable cleaning option but you might as well pay the extra ten dollars to get the Signature cleaning.

Signature Reshoevn8r Mail In 

Reshoevn8r’s sneaker cleaning experts take cleaning to the next level with the Signature Reshoevn8 service. Your sneakers will be handled with care while our experts go to work on the Upper, and Midsole, while performing a deep clean on the entire sneaker utilizing the Patented Laundry System. They will also remove the laces, and get them back to A+ status. We will use a pair of Shoe Trees to hold their shape all the way back to your closet. If your sneakers have suede on them, we will use our Dry Suede Kit to make sure your sneakers are ready for the red carpet. This service is what we recommend for most people because it offers the best deal for the price.


White Glove Reshoevn8r Mail In

Your kicks deserve the VIP, White-Glove treatment. Reshoevn8r’s sneaker cleaning experts will spare no expense in getting your kicks red carpet-worthy. This service comes with a full service, detailed deep clean of your entire sneaker, insole/lining steam cleaning, detailed lace removal and cleaning, Reshoevn8r’s signature laundry system cleaning as well as a deep undersole detail and deodorizer treatment to make sure your kicks look AND smell like a million bucks. Before we send your sneakers back to you, we will apply Reshoevn8r’s #1 selling product, Water & Stain Repellent to keep your kicks looking fresh, for longer. Almost every product in our arsenal will be used in this clean making this deal and absolute steal.

Un-Yellowing Rubber Soles Mail in

Nobody wants to go out on the town with yellow soles. Reshoevn8r’s Sole Revive formula is crafted to remove oxidation from clear soles. Let Reshoevn8r’s sneaker cleaning experts revive your soles, and get them looking great again.* this service is for Rubber soles only.

Un-Yellowing Clear Soles

Same exact thing as listed above, but for clear soles! Whitening clear soles takes longer then rubber which makes this option pricer then the rubber un-yellowing.

Where to Buy?

To purchase our online cleaning services hover over the shop button at the top of your page. Then click on the title online cleaning services and pick which one you want to get your shoes cleaned by the industry leading shoe care professionals at Reshoevn8r!

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