Shoe Rental Sites, They Are Here To Stay

Shoe Rental Sites, They Are Here To Stay

Join us in looking through 6 online shoe rental companies and how to score the hottest sneaker releases of the year.

In today’s market, there are times we can’t afford to drop $1000 on the latest heel, sneaker, or boot. Join me in exploring the top-rated shoe rental companies in the US and how you can score shoes at a fraction of the cost. 

1. KYX World

Newest to the sneaker rental game, and backed by one of the biggest names in the sneaker industry KYX World has changed the way we view sneaker rental. The site makes signing up and choosing your option very easy.

      1. Select your pair of shoes
      2. Choose your subscription plan 
      3. Rock your kicks for as long as you want
      4. Swap and repeat        

We asked our very own Jonny Bubbles his favorite part of the program… he smiled and mentioned he loved being able to have sneakers before the rest of the team! The time has passed to worry about how to get a pair of Air Max 97’s, or Off White Vapormax - head over to KYX World now.

2. Teneez

How many times have you seen a shoe online that you wanted to cop, but weren’t quite sure if it would look right? Teneez has you covered here. The “Try before you buy” method works so well for sneakers that are new to the market, and you’re struggling to make a decision.  Our favorite part about Teneez…? The weekend sneaker option allows you to use a sneaker for a weekend, and send it right back. Never get left behind if your friends are always rockin’ new kick and your wallet hasn’t caught up yet.


Do the brands Christian Dior, Balmain, Balenciaga, or Yeezy ring a bell? LSWOP has all of them in stock and ready for you to get on your feet! When the founders of LSWOP got together, they had a winning idea when they created “a high-end footwear experience hand-selected for your every move”.  With a catchline like “allowing you the comfort of always having designer sneakers at your disposal and still have money to fly private” how could you go wrong. We’ve requested an exclusive invitation to gt access to their inventory, and we are shaking with excitement!

4. StyleLend

Boots, flats, sandals, and heels…. Do we need to say more? Are you, or your girlfriend looking to go out on the town and have a night that makes you forget everything else? Head to StyleLend to get ahold of some amazing fashion-forward footwear that will put your girl center stage. The sizing isn’t as inclusive as we’d like to see, but they’ve scored a gold star with the selection and quantity of available shoes. I have a photo shoot coming up and just ordered the most amazing pair of Chanel slip-ons to complete my look. It really is that simple.

5. LoanMySole

This one is a little different, but we will definitely rock with it. Rent it, Rock it, Return it. Seems simple, right? This site offers luxury sneakers from other sneakerheads. With authentication guaranteed, you can support other shoe enthusiasts by renting their gear. LoanMySole also advertises how YOU can rent your stock to other buyers and make a profit, fast.

6. VillageLuxe

Alright...Alright… are you tired of us talking about fashionable shoes and where to get them at? Don’t give up on us yet. VillageLuxe offers luxury at rental prices. With weekly rentals ranging from $100-$500 you can find something for every occasion.

We couldn’t end with a top 5, so we tossed in a 6th. All of these sites have an amazing collection of sneakers, streetwear, and accessories that you can rent and return without a problem. Don’t let your friends steal the show with their crusty AF1’s, get the newest release to rock to your next big event.

That's all for now,

Alyssa Rael

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