Masters themed golf kicks are always in season.

Sneaker Spotlight | Masters Edition

The Masters: Hottest Sneakers Inspired by Augusta

The Masters week is a big deal in both the golf and sneaker community. We wanted to highlight some of the most hyped Masters themed sneakers from Nike and Jordan Brand. 

Nike Golf

First up on our this is this gorgeous pair of Jordan 4's. These were first spotted on the feet of Jordan Brand staffer Bubba Watson last April, and they took the golf community by storm. 

Heck, you even had regular sneakerheads clamoring over whether or not they could pull off a sole swap to make these wearable off the golf course, too. 

Jordan Brand did release these to the general public, but naturally these bad boys went fast. If you're in the market for a pair you're looking at a spend of at least $600+ for anything but the smallest of sizes. 

 Nike Golf

Next up we have this sick pair of Jordan 5 Golf shoes. These released as part of the "Better Lucky Than Good" pack, which is ironic considering you had to be pretty lucky to snag these on release day. 

The upper is all corduroy to pay homage to golf shoes of old, and it really sets these 5's apart from any other Masters release to date. 

In addition to the typical Jordan 5 lace lock, these bad boys also feature a removable magnetic ball marker for added functionality on the course. 

These are some of the more attainable Masters themed kicks, and you're able to pick up these up on the secondary market for around $300, give or take a few bucks depending on your size. 

 Nike Golf

Last but not least, we have the Jumpman's 2022 Masters offering... the Jordan 12 Low G. 

Could these be any cleaner? I mean check out the sole on these things... absolute fire. 

I love that they kept the carbon fiber plate from the classic 12's, and made the golf spikes metallic gold. Such a sick touch. 

Nike Golf

As of April 7, these have yet to release so there's still time if you're looking to get your hands on these beauties. We'll have to see which (if any) TOUR players break these out for the special weekend ahead.

A side note of sorts; we were shocked to see this week that Tiger Woods is playing at the Masters in FootJoy Premiere Series golf shoes, rather than his typical TW branded Nikes.


I mean they're no Nike or Jordan, but these things are kinda fire in their own right, right? Would you rock these even though they lack a Swoosh or Jumpman logo?

An interesting development that we’ll be sure to keep our eye on. Tiger Woods’ long standing relationship with Nike has us thinking that Nike will be quick to release a newer model that Woods is more of a fan of.

It's honestly just a little odd seeing Tiger wear FootJoy shoes instead of Nike. Not something we were expecting to become the talking point of this year's Masters. 

Which pair is your favorite? Any of these shoes got you rushing out to buy some clubs and hit the course?  Let us know down below. 

Golf is a game played out in the elements. So the next time you're teeing it up at your favorite course or digging out of the bunker make sure to keep the best sneaker cleaner on hand. 

We can tackle those unexpected scuffs and stains, and maybe even clean up your game too… Well maybe not…We can’t help your hopeless swing, but at least your kicks will look fresh all round long. 

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