Air Jordan 1 Custom for Sue Bird Inspired by Seattle Storm.

Custom Air Jordan 1 for WNBA Legend Sue Bird

For the GOAT 

Welcome back to another episode of customs and restorations with Vick Almighty

Today Vick is going to be making a custom Air Jordan 1 for WNBA legend Sue Bird. 

Sue is arguably the greatest to ever play the game, and the local Phoenix Mercury wanted to commission a piece to celebrate her as she nears retirement. 

As such, Vick was tasked with making a sweet custom Air Jordan 1 worthy of such a legend. Sue Bird is an Olympian, All-Star, WNBA Champion, and NCAA Champion. 

Five Gold Medals, four WNBA Titles, and 2 NCAA Titles are all the evidence one needs to elevate her above the rest in the GOAT conversation. 

Let's see how creative Vick can get with this one! 

Base Shoe: Pine Green Air Jordan 1

The base shoe was an easy choice here, and iconic silhouette for a basketball Icon. The Pine Green Jordan 1 was the perfect shoe to celebrate Sue's accomplishments with the WNBA's Seattle Storm.

Vick prepped this custom Air Jordan 1 by removing the tongue tags and Jordan Wings logos from the collar. We'll be replacing these with custom tags and logos later on. 

After taping off the shoe and painting the mid panel white, Vick used a nice Seattle Storm-esque yellow to cover the swoosh and collar of the shoes, and then used a bright green to paint the toe box. 

Vick then filled in the holes left from the Wings logo with some leather filler, and painted that area on the collar a darker shade of green. 

Now that the paint job is complete, we can move onto some of the more fun detail work that really set this pair of Jordan 1s off. 

Laser Engraving FTW

While we let the tongue tags soak in yellow Rit Dye, we can start laser engraving some cool details onto the shoe. 

With Julians help, Vick engraved the shoes with Sue's #10, and four championship trophies, to celebrate her titles with the Storm. Each of these engravings was encrusted with gems to give them a championship ring feel and look. 


Now onto replacing the Wings logo...Julian designed a sick custom wings logo complete with Sue's name and the Storm logo, which Vick painted onto the shoe in white using a stencil. 

Vick used another stencil to add the lightning bolt details to the upper of the shoe, another touch to ensure that these are unmistakably a Seattle Storm custom. 

Another nice touch was the shoe laces, where Vick ironed on some vinyl "BIRDY" stickers, a small detail that shouldn't be overlooked. 

To complete the shoe, Vick had Julian and D-Nice team up for some custom insoles, which included a list of her accomplishments. These didn't make it in time for the video, but rest assured they'll make it into the shoe when these are delivered to Sue. 

And just like that, we have a 1 of 1 custom Air Jordan 1 for the GOAT. These are undeniably Sue, and she's bound to love these. For sure some of Vick's best work. Every detail was thought about, and everything about this shoe screams Seattle Storm. 

What's your favorite detail? I'm going with the custom Wings logo. Let us know down below, and be sure to check out our Youtube for even more customs and restorations with Vick. 

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