Take a chance; apply for the Executive Club Scholarship

Take a chance; apply for the Executive Club Scholarship

2020 was a year of struggle, evaluation, and redefining the norms in which we construct our lives. In true Reshoevn8r fashion, we have your back. The Executive Club Membership by Reshoevn8r is a comprehensive product offering case that will help you start your new sneaker cleaning business.

Steven Grear, Vick Almighty, and even Jonny Bubbles agree that this kit could change your life. There isn’t a single reason that you don’t stop what you’re doing and apply to this scholarship program.

The Reshoevn8r team evaluates and draws winners once a month.

The Executive Club Scholarship is loaded with benefits including:

1. The Executive Club Kit includes:

  • 1x 16 oz Cleaning Solution 
  • 1x Sneaker Laundry Pods
  • 2x Water + Stain Repellent 
  • 1x Dry Suede Kit
  • 2x Sneaker Laundry Bag
  • 2x Microfiber Towel
  • 1x Cleaning Mat
  • 1x Sole Shields
  • 1x Drying Rack & Bowl Combo
  • 4x Cleaning Brushes
  • 2x Shoe Trees (Pairs)
  • 24x Sneaker Wipes   

2. Training Manual to help you master your craft 

3. Opportunity to take the Reshoevn8r Certification Exam to become a Certified Reshoevn8r Shoe Cleaning Specialist. We will provide you with a certificate to prove you’re legit. (Don’t worry our training manual will help you ace the exam)

4. Shoe Cleaning Services Price Sheet, to help you begin making a profit - FAST

5. Access to Re: Membership Program for one year to place re-up orders on cleaning products and purchase exclusive Reshoevn8r gear and a discount

The scholarship program is available across the globe and will open so many doors for the winners.

Click HERE to apply for this life-changing scholarship program and the opportunity to become a part of our certified sneaker cleaning experts.

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