Jordan 1 Patent Bred with Crease Protectors installed in one shoe.

The Best Crease Guards and Shoe Protectors

The Best Crease Guards and Shoe Protectors

What’s your worst sneakerhead nightmare? Creasing your brand new kicks has got to be pretty high on that list. Nothing is worse than breaking out that special pair only to have them creased up like your dad pleated pants by the time the day is through. 

This is why it’s important to understand what the best crease guards and shoe protectors are. These types of anti-creasing products go by many names, come in many different shapes…but not all are effective. 

In order to properly stop your shoes from creasing without having to do the infamous “duck walk”, you need the best crease guards out there…none are better than the RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors. 

Why are RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors the Best Crease Guards in the World? 

The RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors were made in conjunction with Sneaker Shields, the biggest name in the crease guard and shoe protector market. Our Crease Protectors are flexible enough to maintain comfort without sacrificing the integrity of your toe box. 

RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors are also extremely breathable so that your feet stay cool when rocking those fire, crease-free sneakers. The best part about Crease Protectors is the ease of use. Switch them from shoe to shoe, or buy enough to fit your entire collection! 

How to Apply Crease Protectors 

What good is a crease guard if it isn’t easy to install? RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors can be installed in your favorite shoe in seconds. For best results we suggest removing the insole (where possible), inserting the Crease Protectors until it reaches the end of the toe box, and then reinserting your insole. In cases where the insole is glued down, simply skip this step and insert the Crease Protector normally. 

Ready to switch to another pair? Simply pull the Crease Protector out and repeat the process. In literal seconds your shoes can be protected against unwanted creasing. 

What Size of Crease Protectors Should I Get? 

Choosing the correct size is very important. Here’s a no-frills guide to point you in the right direction for both Men’s and Women’s sizing. 

(Men's US) Size Guide:

Small: Sizes 6 - 9 

Medium: Sizes 9.5 - 12 

Large: Sizes 12.5 - 14

(Women's US) Size Guide:

Small: Sizes 7-10

Tips for Wearing Your Kicks with Crease Protectors

  1. Buy your shoes ½ size up for the most comfortable fit. 
  2. Keep your kicks and Crease Protectors fresh with some RESHOEVN8R Deodorizer. 
  3. Use Crease Protectors when storing sneakers for added protection against damage.

The Choice is Clear

Have you tried out a crease guard or shoe protector? Let us know your experience with it down below. May your shoes ever be fresh, and your toe box wrinkle free!

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