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The Best Shoe Wipes

What is the Best Shoe Wipe?  

First, let's answer this question: What is a shoe wipe, and why do I need one?  

Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast with a collection of rare pairs, or a casual buyer who just likes their shoes to be clean, shoe wipes (or sneaker wipes) are the best way to keep your shoes safe and clean on the go. 

Think of those little wet wipes you used the last time you had some buffalo's like that, but for your shoes! Shoe wipes are the ultimate travel companion, wingman, and portable sneaker cleaner. Next time you're at a concert and you get thrown into the middle of the mosh, or mishandle a ketchup packet at your local burger joint, you NEED to have one on hand to take care of the mess right away. 

The longer a stain sits on your prized shoes, the harder it will be to clean later. That's why a fast, portable, easy to use wipe is the ultimate sneaker cleaning tool to keep with you always. 

Not every shoe wipe is created equal, however. Your shoes deserve only the best, and there is one clear-cut champion of the competition. Yes, it has to be said; RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Wipes are the best shoe wipes. Canvas, leather, white, name it, they can get the job done. 

Need some convincing? 

Sneaker Wipe (24 Pack)

The best shoe wipe. Period. 

What makes them different? 

The duality of our Sneaker Wipes is what makes them so effective and different from the rest of the competition. Most basic shoe wipes are the same on both sides, while our Sneaker Wipes feature two different textures to enhance your cleaning experience. 

No two messes are alike, that's why the RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Wipes have a smooth side and a textured side. The smooth side of the wipe is best for easy messes, while the textured side is great for stubborn stains that require more scrubbing and agitation. 

How does that saying clean two shoes with one wipe? Something like that...

Can you clean leather shoes with RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Wipes? 

Of course you can! Our Sneaker Wipes are powerful enough to get rid of small stains, but gentle enough to keep your leather shoes fresh and healthy. Use either side of your Sneaker Wipe to clean up your scuffed leather sneakers in a pinch! 

What about suede?

Due to the wet nature of our Sneaker Wipes, we advise not to use them on suede or nubuck sneakers. Never fear, you're better off protecting them from stains with Water + Stain Repellent. There is no better protection against stains! Our flagship Repellent will ensure your suede shoes stay fresh for weeks on end!

If you do have to clean your suede shoes, you can't go wrong with our Dry Suede Kit! The suede eraser is great at attacking small stains, and the included brush can be used to reset the nap and bring back that buttery soft texture we all know and love. 

Water + Stain Repellent

Protect your prized pairs.

Dry Suede Kit

Erase those stains from your suede. 

What else can I clean with Sneaker Wipes? 

Sneaker wipes are naturally great at cleaning dirty sneakers. However you can also use Sneaker Wipes to clean off a dirty purse, touch up a golf club, or take care of the interior of your car! 

The versatility alone makes them  a must cop! 

Tried and Tested

Still wondering who makes the best sneaker wipes? We invite you to "come and see" what we're all about. Our tried and tested Sneaker Wipes are the best shoe wipes, bar none. 

Try one for yourself...and thank me later for the recommendation. 


What should I wipe my shoes with?

Some wipes are meant of cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, leave those where they belong. Always clean your shoes with a Sneaker Wipe. No harsh chemicals, no frills, and really effective! 

Is it OK to clean shoes with Clorox wipes?

While you can probably get away with it, we'd suggest going the Sneaker Wipe route. Our wipes were specially formulated to clean sneakers...Clorox wipes aren't. Plus, our dual-texture wipes provide better scrubbing action! 

Where should I use Sneaker Wipes? 

Anywhere and everywhere! They easily fit into any pocket, pouch, bag, purse, or wallet for your convenience. Keep one on hand at all times so you can stay ready for whatever life throws at you (and your shoes). 

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