The Best Sneakers To Wear This Spring

The Best Sneakers To Wear This Spring

Spring is nature’s way of saying...LET'S PARTY!

Now that the weather is starting to break, it’s time to bring out all of the heat in your collection! Take a look at this season’s sneakers to add to your collection.

Yeezy Foam RNNR “Ararat”

It’s time to let them breathe! By them, I mean your toes. The Yeezy Foam RNNR silhouette is a hybrid between a regular shoe and a sandal, but they have a much different look to them. The Foam RNNR is one of the most comfortable and breathable shoes you will ever wear! Currently, the resale price is around $600-$700. However, they just released two brand new colorways to cop this spring.

We also recently launched a cleaning video with this shoe and our Essential Kit. Our Essential Kit brought this RNNR back to life. If you plan on getting this shoe, we recommend you stay loaded up on cleaning products!

Nike Dunk Low “Orange Pearl”

The Nike Dunk Low silhouette recently released a brand new colorway that people are going crazy for! The “Orange Pearl” was released in women’s sizes only but if you wear up to size 10.5 in men’s then guys... you can find a pair as well! This is the perfect color for the spring as it features a pastel pink that will go great with any outfit. To get inspiration for what you can wear with these sneakers click here. They are currently on StockX for $200-$300 so I definitely recommend you grab yourself a pair before prices go to the moon!

Nike Overbreak x Undercover “Sail”

Some may say this sneaker is not their favorite and others think it is a great sneaker to have in your collection! However, if you have Spring activities planned, this is the comfortable sneaker you have been looking for. It has a high midsole that adds extra comfortability and some may even say it reminds them of a Yeezy 350 midsole. This sneaker was not very hype when it first released, but I think some might hop on the hype train here soon! This sneaker is currently priced around $150-$250 on StockX.

Air Jordan 1 ‘85 “Neutral Grey”

Taking it back all the way to 1985 with the Jordan 1 “Neutral Grey”. This sneaker recently released earlier in 2021 and was a very difficult sneaker to get your hands on. However, for a 1985 Jordan 1 Retro release, this sneaker is not that bad in price. Currently, this sneaker is sitting around $400-$500 depending on your size. 

This all-white sneaker can be difficult to keep clean but don’t worry, we have you covered! Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel and our Social Media Platforms as we will be releasing an in-depth cleaning tutorial on how to clean the Neutral Grey ‘85s later this month! If you would like to see what this sneaker looks like on foot, click here! 

Air Jordan 4 “University Blue”

The University Blue Air Jordan 4 has not released yet but should in the next couple of months! However, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair early and we have you covered with an unboxing/first look and also a cleaning tutorial that can be used to clean all different types of colored suede. This sneaker goes great with black jeans or you can even switch it up and throw on a pair of shorts with some long white socks! Currently, this sneakers price is high because it has not been released yet, sitting around the $600-$700 price mark. I would recommend waiting until this sneaker releases as I think it will be around a $350-$450 sneaker! 

In our cleaning video, we used the Reshoevn8r Essential Kit and also our Dry Suede Kit to reset the nap. If you have a pair of suede sneakers that need a deep clean, this is the perfect combination!

Now that you guys are set on what sneakers you need this Spring, we need to let you know what cleaning products you should have to keep them looking fresh!  

There are two products that are must-haves for all of these sneakers: Our Water + Stain Repellent and our Sneaker Wipes. We have videos out on all of our products on our YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe! 

If you end up copping any of these sneakers, let us know on any of our Social Media Platforms and use the hashtag #Reshoevn8tion.

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