The BEST Way To Clean Air Jordan 3 White Cement With Reshoevn8r

The BEST Way To Clean Air Jordan 3 White Cement With Reshoevn8r

How’s it going Reshoevn8r family! In this blog we're going to give you an in-depth tutorial on how to clean Air Jordan 3 White Cements. This has to be my favorite colorway of the Jordan 3 silhouette. I just love the elephant print and the white leather. These are a little bit of an older release because you see the jumpman logo on the back. However, they're not too beat up but you can see there's some dirt and some grime as Vick Almighty would say. The midsole is a little bit beat up and we got a lot of dirt here on the toe box so let's get into it!

We're going to take a look at the tools that we need for the job which is Reshoevn8r Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit, our new cleaning mat, our collapsible bowl, one of our shoe trees, our solution, my personal favorite the laundry pods and also our sneaker laundry bag

After we get all of our tools together, we're going to take our laces and set them off to the side to clean later. To start off our cleaning process, I am going to grab our soft bristle brush and begin! Don’t forget to use your shoe trees so you can prevent the toe box from caving or anymore creasing.

You're going to want to make sure that you open up the shoe a little bit and go ahead and get the tongue so we can get the little bit of dirt hanging out up there by the jumpman logo. Go ahead and scrub inside here where the laces go and we’re going to wipe off all this dirt and grime before we move on to our medium bristle brush. The bristles on the medium bristle brush are now white making them easier tell the difference between your soft medium and stiff bristle brush.

Next you want to hit the sock liner with the soft bristle brush. If you hit it with the medium bristle brush it might do some damage and you don't want to do that because a lot of the fabric might come off. The soft bristle brush is going to go ahead and just loosen all of that dirt up so when we throw this in the laundry you'll get a deeper clean. Now we're going to wipe off all of the suds. It looks like all the dirt on the white leather has come off! We don't have a lot of scuffs and I don't see any scratches which is great! The elephant print looks awesome but I did forget to open up this back tab you guys got to make sure to get back in there. A lot of dirt accumulates in this back portion so we're going to go ahead take our medium bristle brush and just give that a quick scrub. What I also like to do with any shoe that has the air bubble on the bottom is to take our microfiber towel and get in there.

Now it's time to move on to the stiff bristle brush. These sneakers look great but now I think we're ready to throw them in the laundry but before we do remember to throw those laces in the collapsible bowl. So all we need to do is just give it a little bit of a massage in the bowl and try not to spill anything but if you do make sure it is on our cleaning mat because it will soak up just about anything. Also, go ahead and take the soft bristle brush and just lay these out on the cleaning mat and give them a quick scrub.

Now we're going to grab our sneaker laundry bag. The new bags have this really cool pouch on the front where you can put the sneaker laundry pod and the laces so they can also get cleaned. Take our laces and put them in the little pouch. Grab one of our sneaker laundry pods and go ahead and throw that in the pouch as well. Grab our shoe and secure it in the bag. Now we're ready to throw our sneakers into the laundry. 

Now, we're gonna go ahead and turn on our washer. Make sure our temperature is set to cold, on a normal cycle and start it up! To conclude, let the sneaker dry out and lace it up when it is completely dry.

Now that the Jordan 3 is cleaned and dried off, this concludes our in-depth sneaker cleaning tutorial! Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more how-to’s and all of the products used can be found on our website. Till next time!

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