The Best way to Clean Jordan 11's

The Best way to Clean Jordan 11's

Cleaning Jordan 11's

If you're seeing this you have probably been searching for how to clean your Jordan 11’s, but have only seen basic sneaker cleaning tutorials. The good news for you is that we are going to give you an exact step by step of the best way to clean your Jordan 11’s along with everything you will need for a deep and effective clean. If you prefer a video tutorial click the link below ,but without further ado let's start cleaning your favorite pair of Jordans.


What you need

All of the products you need to clean your Jordan 11’s and pretty much every other sneaker on the market is the Reshoevn8r Signature Kit. This can be purchased at for $49.99, OH and did I forget to mention that this one kit can clean 50 pairs of shoes! The Signature Kit features Reshoevn8r cleaning solution, microfiber towel, a pair of shoe trees, and the world's only patented sneaker laundry system. Along with a soft, medium, and stiff brush for cleaning the shoe inside and out.

Cleaning Process

Step 1: Prep Work

Before beginning the clean you will want to take the laces out of both shoes, and adjust your shoe trees to the size of your shoe. The shoe trees are a necessity for a good clean on your 11’s because it will allow you to put more pressure onto the shoe when scrubbing and also take out some of the creasing along the toe box. Once you have inserted the shoe tree you will then get 4 oz of water and put two squirts of cleaning solution in the water. Now you are ready to begin you clean.

Step 2: The Clean

You will want to start off the clean by scrubbing the uppers first. You will use the soft bristle brush to clean the outside and inside of the shoe. The soft brush is perfect for the uppers because it provides a deep clean without damaging any of the delicate materials. You will also use the soft brush to clean the laces because the other brushes can fray and damage them. After you finish scrubbing the uppers you will move onto the medium brush to clean the midsole. You can also use it to clean some of the hard to get out stains on the uppers, but be careful to ensure you do not damage any of the delicate materials. Then you will use the stiff brush on the outsole to get off any dirt and grime off of the bottom.


Step 3: Washing Mashine

Now that you have cleaned the shoe from top to bottom it is time to put these 11’s in the washing machine for the finishing touches. The sneaker laundry bag can fit both pairs of 11’s if they are a size 12 and under ,but if you have a larger shoe size you will have to wash each one individually. When putting them in the back you will put the outsoles together and then put them into the bag to ensure that they fit. You will then tighten the clasps and both sides and make sure to put your laces in the laces pouch. Then you will put a Reshoevn8r laundry pod into the bag and throw your Jordan 11’s into the wash. You will put them on a cold cycle for 30-45 minutes and let the laundry bag do the work. After the wash is complete you will want to let them dry outside in the sun. DO NOT put them into the dryer because this will cause your shoes to shrink, and ruin your 11’s.

Step 4: Admire your Fresh Clean Kicks

After letting them dry now your once trashed Jordan 11’s are squeaky clean. Not to mention aloof of the creasing on the toe box will be gone and they are completely disinfected so no more foot odor. Make sure to pick up your very own signature kit to give your shoes new life with Reshoevn8r! 

P.S: Here are some more Jordan 11 cleaning videos for you to use!

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