Beyond the Hype: Interview with Isaac Apley of The Hype Leaks

Beyond the Hype: Interview with Isaac Apley of The Hype Leaks

Feature: The Hype Leaks

As long as the sneaker game exists, the need for accurate, timely information regarding sneaker releases will too. 

Sneaker news outlets are the unsung heroes of sneaker culture. The time, effort, and dedication it takes to cover the ever-expanding world of sneakers is no easy feat. That's exactly what Isaac Apley, founder of The Hype Leaks, is up against every day as he continues to transform his childhood dream into a extremely successful business. 

We sat down with Apley to talk about The Hype Leaks and what gives him an edge over his competition. 

 What was the shoe that started it all for you?

Definitely the PF Flyers that Benny wore in “The Sandlot”. I was probably like 4 or 5 when I first saw the movie and as long as I can remember that pair is what started my obsession with sneakers. 

What gave you the inspiration to start The Hype Leaks? When did you start? How fast have you grown?

Freshman year of high school I started my first sneaker page and ran that for about a year, however, the page ended up getting deleted due to a copyright infringement. I was extremely discouraged but I wanted to give it one more shot. On March 6th, 2019. I started The Hype Leaks as a way to put my thoughts out into the world and to continue feeding my obsession. I quickly realized that I had something special here and began to take it seriously and treating it as my job.

What's the most important thing you've learned since founding The Hype Leaks?

One of my biggest takeaways from owning The Hype Leaks is to protect your dream. Nobody is going to treat your dream with such care as you are, just because others can’t see your vision doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Follow your heart and trust yourself throughout the entire process. 

 In a sentence or two, describe your mission or overall goal for The Hype Leaks. Why should people follow you on Instagram?

Currently my brand is just about sneakers, however, I see it as a way to represent our culture as a whole while still having sneakers as the staple of the brand. Being able to connect fashion, cinema, music and other aspects of what's going on in the world back to sneakers.

What are the top 3 sneaker releases you're most looking forward to?

  • Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low 
  • Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 993 “Pistachio” 
  • Nigel Sylvester x Jordan 1

Fueling the Beast & His Dreams

The sneaker game is growing at an exponential rate. Thanks to great minds like Apley, it's in a better place than ever. The best part of it all? As Apley continues to build his already massive brand, his commitment to serve each and every follower with the best sneaker content possible has not, and will not diminish. 

The Hype Leaks is for the everyday sneakerhead, the casual fan, and the committed collector.  Apley's awesome idea has turned into something that makes the world of sneakers inclusive.

In a culture that thrives off of exclusivity and gatekeeping, Apley's take on the shoe game is the reset (and refresh) this world needs to fall back in love with sneakers. 

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