The In Store Guide To RESHOEVN8R

The In Store Guide To RESHOEVN8R

Looking to find RESHOEVN8R? 

Product laid out

I think we can all say that this year went by way quicker than we were prepared for, but the holiday season is now in full swing! That means the stores are filling up, everyone is looking for the best gift to give their friends and loved one’s. Plus; this is the perfect time to treat yourself! Although you can pick up everything right here online; there is a deadline for ordering! Check out the list of places to pick up our products in person for our last minute shoppers! 

Although our products were designed with sneakerheads in mind you don’t have to have the hypest sneakers in the game to rock with the brand. Our Cleaning Kits can clean just about any sneaker that you have in the collection, so whether you’re shopping for you or for a friend we have you covered! 

Foot locker store

We start off strong with our perfect stocking stuffer; the Starter Kit! Our Starter Kit features our multi purpose Medium Bristle Brush, our 2 Ounce Cleaning Solution and a Microfiber Towel. This $15 can be used to clean over 20 pairs of sneakers and is the best gift to pair with your sneaker pick up. Plus you get lucky, because these can be found in Foot Lockers all over the country! Add this product to your cart when you pick up your holiday kicks. 

Blazer Before and after with Starter Kit


Next up on our budget friendly gift ideas is the Original Shoe Cleaning Kit. Add it to the stocking stuffers or wrap it and put it under your tree. The Original Kit is a great kit for on the go cleanings plus can be used on a wide variety of different sneakers. Our 4 Ounce bottle of Solution, multipurpose brush and Sneaker Wipes make cleaning easy!

Pick this product and more up at Snipes all over the country or pick it up on their website! Pick this up at a low price of $20. 

Snipes store front

Impossible Kicks has by far our biggest product line up and with over 17 stores across the country this is the place to go! They have some of the hypest sneakers in the market and all the products you need to clean, protect and maintain your latest pick up. Sneakers are always on the list for a holiday gift, but do you have the tools to care for them? 

Impossible Kicks image

At the Impossible Kicks locations you can pick up everything from Sneaker Cleaning Wipes to Crease Protectors and even a kit to care for your suede kicks. Plus they are all budget friendly! 

Reimagined Jordan 3 Sneaker WipesTaxi Jordan 1 crease protectors

Last, but certainly not least our newest collaboration is with none other than Costco! If there is a Costco near you there is no way you aren’t stopping at some point this holiday season. This is by far the best deal that you will see RESHOEVN8R offer. Our all purpose Costco Kit not only features everything that a sneaker lover needs to clean their kicks, but there is a product to protect and maintain your kicks as well. 

Costco kit

This all exclusive product is marked at $29.99 which is over a $50 value packed in one kit! Featuring all 3 cleaning brushes, an 8 Ounce Cleaning solution, Repellent, Deodorizer and a Microfiber Towel. Elevate Your Shoe Care with the best in the game at one of the biggest retailers to ever be created! 

*Limited Costco Stores*  (check the store guide) 

Costco kit in store

Give the gift of clean kicks and confidence this year, but stay within budget by stopping at retail shops! If you are ordering online, don’t forget to place an order by 12/16 to receive it by Christmas Day!

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