The Travis Scott Air Max 1 melds a mix of premium materials with an eye catching design.

How to Clean Travis Scott Air Max 1 Cactus Jack | Hype Saver

The Cactus Jack name is synonymous with HYPE. It seems like anything that Travis Scott puts out with Nike and Jordan Brand is an instant hit.

And the Travis Scott Air Max 1 is no different.

But our pair is looking CRUSTY.

This pair of Travis Scott Air Max 1’s is in desperate need of a deep clean, and Jonny Bubbles looks like the man for the job.

We know how important it is to keep your hyped sneakers clean, especially those that are this valuable. That’s why we trashed the Travis Scott AM1 to show you the best practices for deep cleaning your pair.

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care Academy…let’s get bubbly!


Today we’re going to be cleaning the Travis Scott AM1 with our Reshoevn8r Signature Kit 

As always, start by removing the laces and inserting the adjustable shoe tree. Make sure that the shoe tree is sized accordingly, so that you prevent any unwanted creasing in the toe box area of the shoe. 

In what’s become pretty standard procedure by now (if you’ve been following us for a while), Jonny mixes two squirts of Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution into the bowl of water and gets to scrubbing. 

Start by dunking the Soft Bristle Brush into the solution and give the upper a good scrub. Remember, suds are good… it means that the cleaning solution is actively breaking down dirt and grime. Following a good wipe down to remove any excess water, we can safely move to the Medium Brush. 

After using the Medium Bristle Brush to clean the midsole, Jonny switched over to our Stiff Bristle Brush to work on the outsole. Now that our preliminary cleaning is complete, we’re ready to throw these bad boys in the washing machine. 

Spin Cycle

Jonny placed the shoe into the Laundry Bag along with the laces, and a Reshoevn8r Laundry Detergent Pod. This is going to provide a deeper clean that the brushes alone can’t achieve. 

After a full wash cycle and an overnight air dry, we’re ready to work on the Durabuck. 

Nap Time

Using the medium bristle brush, Jonny brought back the silky texture of the Durabuck with a light brushing.

Now we can hit these with our Mink Oil. Jonny applied a light coat of Mink Oil to the shoes, and then used our prototype Horse Hair Brush (coming soon) to brush it into the Durabuck. As you can see, it really brought back that rich brown hue.  

And with that, we’re ready to lace them back up…let’s see how these turned out!

Another Sole Saved

As you can see, the Reshoevn8r Signature Kit worked its magic on these Travis Scott Air Max 1s. From the Cleaning Solution to the Brushes, the laundry system to the Mink Oil, Jonny was able to transform this pair back to like new condition. 

If you're lucky enough to snag a pair of these, make sure you have a Reshoevn8r Signature Kit on hand for those unlucky accidents and messes.

Let us know what you think, are these worth the $1900 we dropped on them? Could you ever willingly trash a $1900 pair of shoes?

Guess it shows just how much we believe in our Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning products. 

And as always, catch us on Youtube to learn more about cleaning and restoring your sneakers.

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