Ugg Tasman Crazy Cleaning Transformation

Ugg Tasman Crazy Cleaning Transformation


The Ugg Tasman slipper has blown up on social media over the last 6 months. With it trending on multiple social media platforms it was one of the most sought after shoes of 2023. They sold out completely online, yes Ugg slippers sold out online as if it was a Jordan release. The brand UGG is based out of Australia and is where the
sheepskin materials on their shoes are located from. The Tasman slipper in
particular is named after the Australian Tasmanian islands which is where there is a large population of Australian Sheep. The sheepskin used on Uggs is what sets itself apart from competitors ,but it is also what makes this shoe so difficult to clean. This cleaning tutorial will give you a step by step of how to Clean Tasman Uggs so that you can keep your precious trendy slippers clean without damaging the delicate materials that make these shoes comfortable.

What to Use?

In this cleaning Jordan uses our essential cleaning kit which consists of our Reshoevn8r cleaning solution, microfiber towel, and our soft, medium, and stiff bristle brush. She also used our Suede Revive Bundle which comes with Mink Oil, horsehair brush, Dry suede brush, and eraser. These two kits together are the perfect combo for cleaning shoes with lots of Suede. It gives you everything you need to clean the shoe without damaging the delicate materials while also restoring the color and vibrancy of your beaten down suede sneakers.

The Clean

To start off Jordan uses the Reshoevn8r solution with the soft bristle brush on the uppers of the Tasman. When dealing with delicate suede it is important to not oversaturate the shoe with water and solution. This can permanently damage the suede which is why it is important to dry the shoe as you clean to ensure these Uggs stay comfy. Next you will clean the inside of the ugg with the soft bristle brush as well to not only clean the inside ,but also sanitize it from gross feet. The next step in this cleaning is to use the medium brush on the sole. The medium bristle brush is our all purpose brush ,but because these Uggs are already falling apart we use the soft brush to ensure we didn’t take out any of the stitching. This brush is perfect for cleaning almost every midsole on every sneaker. Next you need to clean the bottoms of your uggs with a stiff brush. Some people say they wouldn’t clean the bottoms of their shoes ,but we disagree. If you are going to clean the uppers why wouldn’t you clean the bottoms?

Part 2

After letting the shoes dry for a few hours in the hot Arizona sun Jordan began to use the dry suede eraser on the uppers to get out the stubborn stains that wouldn’t come out the first time. When using the dry suede eraser it is important to use it lightly on the suede, pressing too hard into the material will damage it so you want to be very careful with this tool. Then she uses the suede brush to help turn this suede from crunchy to soft and after using the suede revive bundle and the essential kit this shoe is looking so much better. For the finishing touches on this clean Jordan sprays a couple of coats of mink oil onto the upper of the shoe and brushes it in with the Reshoevn8r horsehair brush to bring back the faded color. Lastly she uses the soft bristle brush on the inside of the Ugg with 0 solution to Unmat the fluffy inside.

Video Link

Just like that the Ugg looks brand new, night and day difference between the Uggs before and after. If you trashed your Tasman Uggs make sure you check out the video linked below to get them looking right.

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