UNC Air Jordan 3 Sneaker Cleaning

UNC Air Jordan 3 Sneaker Cleaning


For this week's cleaning we got our hands on one of the hottest shoes in the sneaker world right now the UNC Air Jordan 3 . This is not to be confused with their UNC Jordan 3 player exclusive release. The PE release was an exclusive pair only given to the 2018 North Carolina Men’s basketball team. The distinct difference between these two pairs is on the player exclusive version the right shoe has North Carolina’s logo on the top of the tongue while the regular version has the OG Jumpman logo. Despite the regular pair of Jordan 3 UNC’s having less hype then the player exclusive these pairs still sell for around $500. The pair that we got our hands on are absolutely destroyed so, it is up the te one and only Nick wilson to bring these shoes back to life.

Products Used

In today’s video Nick is going to use the Reshoevn8r Clean and revive bundle to clean these busted UNC Jordan 3’s. This kit features our patented sneaker laundry bag, a pair of shoe trees, microfiber towel, 4 oz cleaning solution, Reshoevn8r’s famous soul revive and of course our soft, medium, and stiff brushes. These Jordan 3’s specifically need this revival kit because of the yellowing on the midsoles, and sole’s as well as an extensive deep clean on the uppers. The Soul revive in this kit makes even the yellowest soles turn back to pearly white so, let's see Nick work his magic.


Starting the Clean

To start off the clean Nick takes a dry soft brush and scrubs the upper of these UNC Jordan 3’s to get off all the surface level dirt. This did little to nothing to clean the shoe which is a tell tale sign that this shoe is going to be tough to clean. Nick takes this same soft brush ,but adds some Reshoevn8r cleaning solution and starts cleaning the uppers, sockliner, and insole. The soft brush is perfect for the uppers of shoes because it gives them a deep clean without having to worry about damaging the delicate materials on your sneakers. This is especially important when cleaning suede and in this case the tumbled leather on these 3’s. Next Nick takes the medium brush to clean the midsole and some of the stubborn  stains that wouldn’t come out of the uppers with the soft brush. When using the medium brush on the uppers it is important to be careful so you do not damage any materials.

Finishing Touches

To finish the scrubbing part of this cleaning Nick uses the stiff brush on the outsole. Some people see no reason to clean the bottoms of their shoes ,but we disagree. If you're gonna clean the uppers and midsoles why wouldn't you clean the bottoms? Nick takes these 3’s and puts them into our patented sneaker laundry bag with Reshoevn8r laundry pods for a quick wash. After they dried these hoses look brand new, except for some of the yellowing along the midsole. Nick applied some of our very own Sole revive made for yellowing parts of the shoe and bam these shoes look like they are fresh out of the Jordan factory.

Video Link

To check out how Nick brought these back from the dead click the link below and get a step by step of how to do this to your own prized sneakers!

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