Union Air Jordan 2 Custom by Vick Almighty

Union Air Jordan 2 Custom — Height Delete

Turning Union 2s into low-top sneakers

The Union Air Jordan 2 is one of the most underrated sneakers of the year. Both the Rattan and Grey Fog colorways haven't quite got the love they deserve. For one reason or another, most people don't rock with the Jordan 2. 

Are you a fan of the Air Jordan 2? Let's see if Vick Almighty can work his magic and change your mind. 

We had both pairs of the Union AJ2 sitting around the office practically begging for a custom project. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the process as Vick copies, then pastes the collar from the Rattans onto the Grey Fogs & creates a low-top version of the shoe in the process. 

Scroll back up and watch the video if you haven't already...you're in for a treat

Let's start fresh

The precursor to any good custom shoe is a solid deep clean. Both Union AJ2s were cleaned over on our Youtube channel as a part of our Shoe Care Academy, but recently they've been worn by some of our office staff. 

Vick used the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit to scrub both shoes inside and out. The cleaning process left the suede pretty stiff, so he reset the nap with our Brass Brush before taking them straight to the chopping block. 

Essential Kit

Cleaning essentials. 


Brass Brush

The soft suede secret.


To the operating room

Would you be able to cut up a pair of shoes? Vick's done it enough times that it only makes him a little teary-eyed. It's best to "rip off the bandaid" and go for it! 

Brand-new X-Acto Knife in hand, Vick cut through the collar area of both the Rattan and Grey Fog Union Jordan 2s. The suede offered little resistance to Vick's blade as he made his way around each shoe. 

Now that the collars are removed we start to see this custom taking shape. There is absolutely no going back now. 

"Sew" unique

The scariest part of this custom is complete, now we can move on to the fun stuff! Each shoe is going to receive different treatment. For the Grey Fog pair, Vick decided to turn it into a "Frankenstein" shoe, reminiscent of the Union AJ1. To accomplish this he took the freshly cut collar from the Rattan pair and sewed it to the Grey Fog pair. 

Applying the finishing touches to the Rattan pair was much easier. Vick opted to leave this as a low-top, on which he stained the exposed foam collar to give the shoe an aged look and feel. 

The Finished Product

The little changes make a huge difference. Both of these Union Jordan 2s have been taken to the next level thanks to a few artistic changes from Vick Almighty.  From the subtle collars swap on the Grey Fogs to the not-so-subtle "height delete" on the Rattans, each of these Union 2s is uniquely awesome. 

Would you rock either one of these custom creations? Which is your favorite? Head over to Youtube and leave a comment with your answer. 

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