The Rattan colorway of the Union LA Air Jordan 2.

Union LA x Air Jordan 2 Collection & Cleaning

Union LA x Air Jordan 2 Collection & Cleaning

Is the Air Jordan 2 underrated? Whether you're fan or not, the sneaker community has been bombarded with loads of new Air Jordan 2 collabs in 2022, none of which are more hyped than the Union LA x Air Jordan 2 collection. 

The Union Air Jordan 2 collection features two similar yet distinct colorways. Both the Grey Fog Union Air Jordan 2 and the Rattan Air Jordan 2 are made from the same materials and feature similar detailing throughout. 

Let's take a closer look at each of these two Union x Jordan shoes, and then we'll detail exactly how to clean your pair with the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit

Union LA Air Jordan 2 "Rattan"

My personal favorite of the two Union 2s, the Rattan colorway is stunning. The contrast of the Orange Peel piping against the Rattan colored suede is phenomenal. 

Unlike the OG Air Jordan 2, the Union Air Jordan 2 features circular cutouts throughout the upper, as well as exposed foam around the collar for an aged look and feel. 

This shoe is made from primarily canvas and suede, with some leather accents to boot. As you can tell, the light colors on the Rattan Union Jordan 2 make for a mess...good thing we know a thing or two about cleaning sneakers! 

Union LA Air Jordan 2 "Grey Fog" 

The second pair in the Union LA x Air Jordan 2 collection is the Union Jordan 2 "Grey Fog". It features similar color blocking to the Rattan pair, but opts for a bright blue hue rather than orange. 

Other than that, the shoes are pretty much the same. Primarily made from canvas, suede, and leather, the Union Jordan 2 "Grey Fog" cleaned up nicely thanks to RESHOEVN8R. 

How to Clean the Union Air Jordan 2

If you're going to put up the cash to purchase of pair of the Union Jordan 2s, you need a way to ensure they stay clean and fresh. You can't afford to let them collect dirt and grime. Those are your babies, and you should treat them as such. 

The best bang-for-your buck way to keep your Union Air Jordan 2s fresh and clean is the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. 

With all three of our Signature Brushes, our powerful Sneaker Cleaning Solution, and the Sneaker Laundry Bag, you'll have everything you need for a deep clean of your Union 2s. 


If you're looking to clean your own kicks


Suede sneakers best friend

If you haven't already, scroll back up and watch the cleaning tutorial. Rob does a great job at detailing exactly how to use each piece of your Signature Kit to bring your Union LA Jordans back to life. 

Restoring the Suede

Now that your Union Jordan 2 is clean, the last step to make it look and feel brand new again is restoring the suede. Crunchy suede is no good, so Rob used the Brass Bristle Brush and Dry Suede Eraser to reset the nap and give it one last clean. 

Finally he finished it off with some RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil to recondition it and keep it looking lush for months to come. 

Union LA Air Jordan 2 — Final Results

Need I say more? If you have kicks, you need the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. Grab one today and keep your Unions looking clean and your fits looking mean. 

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