University Red 85 Jordan 1 Low

University Red 85 Jordan 1 Low


Vicks restoration for this week is a pair of 85 University red Jordan 1 low’s ,but of course these shoes do not live up to the Vick Almighty’s standards. He wants to give these shoes a more aged look to make them look like an authentic pair of 85 Jordan 1 lows. Let’s see what he does to make these shoes age thirty years in just a few hours, while still looking clean of course.


Vick starts off the video by taking out the laces and insoles of the shoe that way he can submerge them in coffee. He is doing this to give the leather and midsoles an aged look, so he leaves the shoes in coffee for a few minutes to add a yellowish brown look to the white parts on the sneakers. After dowsing them in coffee these sneakers smell like a Starbucks store so ,Vick is throwing them in the washing machine using the Reshoevn8r laundry bag ,and pods to get them smelling clean.

Aging Process

The next step in this restoration process is to reshape the toe box. Vick does this by stuffing the shoe with towels, and putting a wet rag over the toe box so he can iron the top of the toe box until he gets the shape that he wants. After he reshaped the toe box it is time to finish adding the aged look to the rest of the shoe. The coffee missed a couple places on the midsole because of some stubborn Nike factory paint so Vick is going to use a Fox trot Sail stained marker. He colored in the entire midsole ,but it was way too yellow for an aged look so, after letting it dry for a while he used a wipe to take off most of the yellowing giving it the perfect aged look. Vick then continued this process on the Jordan logo on the heel of the shoe as well as the lining on the tongue.


One of the next little details Vick adds to the shoe is painting the glue lines connecting the midsole to the uppers. On older shoes you can see the glue line connecting these two pieces which is an orangish brown color. This detail may seem insignificant ,but these little details are what make the shoe look authentic to the time period that they are from. Next Vick repaints the sockliner to the color that he wants using his airbrush, and then uses the Reshoevn8r water and stain repellent to make sure the new paint does not spread to other places. The water
and stain repellent is great for keeping your shoes clean and dry but it is also great for restorations to make sure the paint that is put down does not spread.

Nothing crazy was done on these Jordan 1 low 85’s but all of the little details added together makes this shoe look completely different. Vick’s attention to detail is what sets him apart from others and that is very apparent with this custom. These 85’s look thirty years older and might even be able to pass as original Jordan 1 lows.

Video Link

If you want to do this to a pair of your own click the link below, and get a step by step of how to give your pearly white shoes an aged look.

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