Vicks Top 5 in 2021 (so far)

Vicks Top 5 in 2021 (so far)

Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art piece from the entire family. With those Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art Vick Almighty is a bit of a legend in the sneakers industry; I have the pleasure of working with him every single day. It’s inspiring to watch how he turns his vision into a project and the stages that he works through to make it happen. I’m always amazed when I see a beat up sneaker come in the mail, and after watching the final video I’m convinced they’re different sneakers. (I’m told they’re the same, but I still feel some witch-craft going on)

Over the last 6 year with Reshoevn8r, Vick has created some of the best customs in the industry. As we are coming off of a somber 2020, I was lucky enough to be able to interrupt Vick’s crazy busy schedule for him to run me through his top 5 customs over the last handful of builds.

Join me in recapping Vicks favorites so far in 2021.

Air Mag Air Max 90 custom

Starting off our top five customs is the Air Mag Air Max 90 custom at number five. Vick and Electokickz took on the Air Mag Air Max sneakers in a whole different direction. Vick still talks about the amount of learning that was involved in building this custom. Sneakers and technology don’t necessarily go hand in hand once a company gets outside of the testing labs. This custom is all about technology, check it out HERE.  Recommended product: Water + Stain Repellent.

Bedazzle Custom

(Bred & Royal Jordan 1)

If there's anything that Reshoevn8r knows about my personality… they understand the SPARKLIER the BETTER. This collaboration with @goodvibegliders will always be my personal favorite custom. This came in at number four on Vicks top 5 customs because of the pure amount of learning that came from the build. Vick is an amazing artist and does great customs with paint brushes. This custom took Vick so far out of his comfort zone it’s been hard to reel him back in since then.  To watch this sparky masterpiece come to life click HERE.  Recommended product: Sneaker Wipes.

Self Lacing Yeezy

Come on… need I say more. This sneaker comes in at number 3 on Vicks top 5 for the completely out of the box and first to market self lacing YEEZY. This video can be found HERE to watch the transformation of this sneaker. Vick teamed up with ElctroKickz for this build and it will probably be the most innovative sneaker the company has seen in a while. Recommended product: Water + Stain Repellent.

Travis Scott (Jordan 1 build)

Coming in at number two on Vicks top five customs is going to be his Travis Scott Jordan 1 build. Steve Grear, also known as Mr.Reshoevn8r, is the CEO & Founder of Reshoevn8r. He has kept this company going for 11 years and the wild ride is just beginning. Vick had a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to build a sneaker from the ground up and give it to Steve. The level of respect and creativity that came out of this video is incredible. Find the link HERE to watch this build.  Recommended product on Travis Scott Jordan 1’s is going to be the Pump Water + Stain Repellent.  

The Suns AF1

… Reshoevn8r is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and we are huge Suns fans in the office. Vicks number one shoe so far this his Suns masterpiece. This custom came out so amazing that I’m not quite sure how to describe it. Vick loved this shoe and voted it his number 1 custom because it was the first video he was able to shoot “vlog style”. If you’ve seen any Jonny Bubbles behind the scenes videos, you can see that we have an amazing production crew, editor and director… but it is a different story when you’re filming your own progress at your own pace.  To watch this video click HERE to see Vicks' vision come to life.  Recommended product on this AF1 is going to be the Water + Stain Repellent.

So there you have it, Vicks top 5 most recent customs. To check out his other videos head over to YOUTUBE and hit that subscribe button.

I tried to peel out of Vick what was coming next for him but he was very tight lipped… The one thing that I was able to squeeze out of him was a customization and restoration course designed and taught by Vick Almighty himself. I better not say anymore until the company announces it.

Until next time Reshoevn8tion

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