Adjustable Shoe Trees by RESHOEVN8R.

Why Shoe Trees are the Most Underrated Shoe Care Tool in the World

Don't overlook this simple shoe care item

What is a shoe tree, and what makes it so underrated? The fact that we even have to ask and answer this question is further proof of the criminal undervaluation of its impact. 

Shoe trees will never be the most glamorous or sexy shoe care accessory, but they are without a doubt, one of the most important. A job well done in storage or while cleaning isn’t done well enough without using a shoe tree.

To answer your first question: Shoe trees are plastic or wooden inserts inside your shoe to help hold its shape. Think of it as a backbone to stop your shoes from collapsing when not in use. 

A shoe tree serves the same function as your foot…it fills the space and provides structure to preserve the form of your favorite shoes. This idea seems extremely simple, but don’t be naive: without proper shoe trees, you risk damage, creasing, and more. 

Why should I be using them? 

The answer to this question is two-fold and depends largely on your habits. First and foremost, we never clean any shoe without inserting a shoe tree...just check out our Youtube channel. Each and every clean we do starts with this step. Without a shoe tree in place, you won’t be able to apply pressure to the toe box area of your shoe. To achieve satisfactory results, you must clean your shoes with shoe trees. 

This rule also applies to shoes that are put in the washing machine. This can be one of the most efficient methods to clean your dirty sneakers IF you use a shoe tree. Without it, your shoes will lose shape and be permanently damaged.

The other reason you should ALWAYS use shoe trees is to properly store your shoes. This will keep your shoes looking box-fresh, prevent creasing, and maintain their original shape. Don’t believe me? Ask your dad why he stores his expensive dress shoes with shoe trees! 

Which kind is best for me? 

We’ve found that the best shoe trees are ones that are both plastic and adjustable. Let me explain: Plastic is better than traditional wooden shoe trees because you can put them in the washing machine. No swelling, no water damage! 

As far as adjustability is concerned, this leaves out the stress of guessing which size of traditional shoe trees to buy! Shoes of the same size from the same manufacturer may not fit the same, which is why having an adjustable shoe tree is important. 

What is the best shoe tree overall? 

All factors considered, RESHOEVN8R Adjustable Shoe Trees are the best on the market. Their sturdy plastic construction and adjustable design make them an ideal addition to your shoe care arsenal. 

As they say, no shoe collection is complete without shoe trees. (Okay, they probably don't say this, but you get what I mean). 

Shoe trees are criminally underrated. Without them, you’d never be able to properly clean or store your shoes. I hope you’ll make the decision that’s best for your shoes. This isn’t a want for them…it’s a need! 

The simple changes make the largest difference. It’s never too late to start properly taking care of your sneakers, and this is an easy place to kickstart your journey! 


Now with extended sizing! 

Need some shoes to go with those trees? 

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