Yeezy Tan 1 Complete Restoration

Yeezy Tan 1 Complete Restoration


In this week’s video Vick tackles a trashed pair of Yeezy Tan 1’s with the one and only Alex also known as Flippinkickz. These Yeezys were originally released On April 4th of 2009 when Kanye was still signed to Nike. Nowadays these shoes sit in a price range of anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 dollars depending on the size. These shoes are the definition of a Rare sneaker and any true sneakerhead would love to have this pair in their collection, but this pair is absolutely destroyed. The sole of these Nike Yeezy isn't even attached to the rest of the shoe so it will be interesting to see how Vick pulls this one off.


Alex and Vick start off this video by Skiving the uppers on this shoe, which is using an exacto knife to shave off all of the old glue. This way when they put a new coat of glue on the uppers the new material will stick better and last longer. In order to replace the sole and midsole of this shoe Vick has to pick up a pair of replicas of the same sneaker. It was the only option to make sure that the shoes last while also looking like the original 2009 pair. To start this replacement process Vick completely douses the replicas in acetone which makes the uppers easy to remove so Vick can then use the sole and midsole for the real pair of Yeezys. The replica bottoms were a bit dirty so vick used the Reshoevn8r stiff bristle brush and natural cleaning solution to get them disinfected and looking clean.

Finishing It Up

In the next step Alex uses a dremel to take off all of the old glue from the replica’s to get them prepared to be put onto the uppers of the Yeezy 1 San Tan’s. He then uses the dremel on the midsole of the Yeezys to roughen up the materials so the glue will be even more cohesive making for a longer lasting restoration. Now that all the prep work is done Alex puts glue along the actual shoe and also the replica and slaps the two together. He then heats up the glue once they have been put together to make sure that it sticks properly. Vick then went back to the exacto knife to shave off the top layer of suede that was damaged from the restoration and now these once trashed Yeezys are ready to be worn for years to come. To be sure to prolong the life of your sneakers it is important to not only wear them ,but store them properly when you aren’t. This Yeezy Tan 1 restoration was quick and easy but very informative so make sure you check out the video linked below

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