Dry Suede Cleaning Kit

The RESHOEVN8R Dry Suede Kit is designed to provide an effective and gentle clean for your suede/delicate shoes. Use the Suede Eraser to lift the stains away, then use the Suede Brush to reset the nap of the suede.

Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit

The Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit features the world's most effective shoe cleaning solution, our complete set of signature brushes, and a microfiber towel.

Mink Oil Leather and Suede Conditioner

Condition your faded suede and leather with RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil. This specially formulated oil is designed to recondition, restore, and extend the life of your shoes. Each coat of Mink Oil acts as a gentle conditioner to keep your suede vibrant and your leather lush.

Horsehair Leather and Suede Shoe Brush

The Horsehair Brush is made of soft, high-quality bristles to apply mink oil to suede/delicate shoes without causing damage to the material.